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Best Cellphone Insurance

Unexpected cellular telephone repairs or replacements can go away you on the hook for quite a few hundred dollars, however the proper mobile phone insurance plan coverage can assist make it extra affordable. When buying a mobile phone insurance plan policy, customers will pay a month-to-month or annual premium, normally between $5 and $20 a month, and if the machine is damaged, lost, or stolen, they’ll be in a position to restore or substitute it for a fraction of the market price via paying a deductible.

Many insurance plan insurance policies provide comparable coverage, however it’s necessary to utterly evaluation every issuer and coverage earlier than making a decision. The pleasant insurance policies are cost-effective, with low deductibles, making it convenient to file a claim. Additional elements like bundling discounts, multi-device options, and client critiques can additionally be beneficial when deciding on a provider. Read on to decide which issuer fine matches your needs.

Best Cellphone Insurance Providers of 2022

Best Overall: Asurion
Best for Families: SquareTrade
Best for iPhones: AppleCare+
Best for Samsung Phones: Samsung Care+
Best for Policy Budget: AKKO
Best for Options: Progressive

Final Verdict

Cellphone insurance plan can assist clients shield their gadgets and keep away from pricey repairs or replacements. In some cases, discovering the proper insurance plan issuer may also be as handy as signing up for insurance plan thru a wi-fi issuer or the machine manufacturer. That’s real for vendors like Asurion, AppleCare+, and Samsung Care+.

Another wonderful region the place clients can locate insurance is via their domestic or auto insurance plan provider. Both Progressive and AllState (SquareTrade) have cellular phone insurance plan plans that provide aggressive premiums and deductibles—perhaps unlocking present patron savings. If neither of these picks is suitable, new and choice vendors like AKKO can also furnish appropriate insurance at less costly rates.

What Does Cellphone Insurance Cover?

Cellphone insurance plan covers one-of-a-kind kinds of injury that may additionally impair or stop a telephone from working. Though insurance can fluctuate based totally on the provider, as nicely as the age of and kind of phone, many insurance policies consist of the following:

  • Accidental harm (e.g., drops)
  • Liquid harm (e.g., spills or submersion)
  • Mechanical issues
  • Theft and every so often loss

How Much Cellphone Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Cellphone insurance plan carriers often base insurance quantities on the make, model, and age of the smartphone to be insured. However, if you do want to decide the fee of your policy, it’s a true thought to insure your cellphone for the market value. Doing so can make it less difficult to get hold of or buy a similar substitute in the tournament your telephone can’t be repaired.

How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Cellphone?

The price of mobile phone insurance plan can fluctuate primarily based on the make, model, and age of the telephone as properly as the insurance plan issuer you select. Generally, insurance policies are accessible for somewhere from $5 to $20 a month, with most falling squarely in the middle.

Is Cellphone Insurance Worth the Cost?

Cellphone insurance plan may also be a profitable rate if you regularly injury or lose your smartphone or if you can’t have the funds for the upfront prices related with repairs or system replacements. This is specially actual for smartphones, which can fee a number of hundred greenbacks to replace. Cellphone insurance plan may also additionally make experience if you’re financing a cellphone and would want to pay off the broken telephone whilst additionally buying a new one.

Can You Insure a Used Cellphone?

Yes, many insurance plan carriers will permit you to insure a used cellphone. In some cases, however, you may additionally want to go via some extra steps. For instance, AppleCare+ clients can insure their iPhones inside 60 days of purchase. After that point, clients need to take their cellphone to an Apple retail vicinity for an inspection earlier than they can buy a policy.


We researched eleven agencies presenting mobile phone insurance plan and evaluated every insurer primarily based on elements such as cost, coverage, coverage options, and consumer feedback. First, we regarded what every coverage covered, with a center of attention on insurance policies that included unintentional damage, liquid spills/submersion, and theft, at a minimum. Then we reviewed the premiums and deductibles to discover the most low cost and complete policies. Finally, we recognized any extra advantages or elements to healthy every company with a precise consumer profile.

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