Did you know you can get a tax receipt for donating your car to the kidney foundation?

Did you know you can get a tax receipt for donating your car to the kidney foundation?

Did you know that if you donate your car to the Kidney Foundation, you get a tax receipt? It’s true! If you’re looking to make charitable donations this year, but not sure how you’re going to afford it, consider giving the gift of life and donating your vehicle to the Kidney Foundation. Here are 3 reasons why donating your car to the Kidney Foundation makes so much sense!

How much is the tax receipt?

If you donate your car in 2018, the amount of your charitable deduction will be determined by its value at the time it is donated. For example, if you donate a used vehicle worth $2,000 today, and that vehicle was worth $4,000 when new, then your deduction would be limited to $2,000. Now, let’s say that same vehicle has been sitting unused in your driveway since 2006. That’s 13 years! It may not seem like much anymore but we assure you that it still holds some monetary value even if its just sentimental. You could still take a sizeable tax break by donating this particular vehicle which may only have market value of $1,500 but had cost about $3,000 back when new in 2003.

How do I get the tax receipt?

A kidney foundation car donation is an easy way to make a charitable donation that will also help someone with kidney failure. First, please contact the donor coordinator at 877-367-3037 or email by clicking here. They will answer any questions and provide you with a detailed explanation of what to expect from this program. Second, fill out our simple online form and send in all necessary documents including driver’s license, social security card and vehicle title or registration.

What do I need to do to prepare my car for donation?

  1. Determine if your car qualifies as an eligible vehicle by looking at the kidney foundation’s list of acceptable cars and trucks. 2. If it does, print out a form that includes all pertinent information about the vehicle, including any personal information about yourself. 3. Fill in all of the blanks on this form and return it to: Kidney Foundation Car Donation Program, PO Box 49800, Saint Louis MO 63145-9800 4. Once they have received your car donation, they will mail you a receipt which is good for your taxes. 5. Remember not to forget anything inside of your donated car before giving it away!

How do I know my car will be used for its intended purpose?

The kidney foundation is dedicated to improving lives through kidney transplants. If you donate your car, it will be used for its intended purpose–to help those in need.
A person with end stage renal disease who needs a kidney transplant doesn’t have time on their side. When an individual’s kidneys stop functioning properly and they are diagnosed with end stage renal disease, they need dialysis or a transplant as soon as possible. The average wait time for a kidney from a deceased donor is over five years. Since there are about 4,000 people waiting for kidneys every year, the kidney foundation must look elsewhere for donors – like you! By donating your vehicle to the kidney foundation, not only do you make someone else’s life better but also save them from suffering from end stage renal disease.

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